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Can TCM help with Acid Reflux, High blood pressure, Cholesterol?

I used to have doubt in alternative medicines. Breaking out in a cold sweat and nausea, I went to the emergency having pain in chest, neck and jaw. The body test results showed nothing wrong with my heart but my stomach. After an endoscopy, my family physician told me to permanently take medication for my stomach. Instead, I went to a traditional medical clinic where I met Claire. That was more than two years ago. I never regret my decision.

Claire and her team patiently checked my pulse, gently asked me questions and guided me to know more about my body. We started to focus on improving the condition of my stomach and the relieving of my acid reflux. On the top of herbs, I had acupuncture, cupping and running cupping, ear seeds and back massage. The discomfort from the heart burn started to alleviate.

However, my visit to the clinic stopped in early 2020. Life is busy and it also gives me a good excuse: the global pandemic closed everything down. Old habits came back: convenient food, fast work pace, not paying attention to my body, you name it. I went to the emergency again in October last year with similar symptoms but this time with an alarming high blood pressure. My cholesterol level was also high. I was advised to take more medication daily without delay.

At the eleventh hour, I went to see Claire again. As usual, she patiently checked my tongue and pulse, asked about how my body reacted to the herbs and monitored the herb mixes each time. She further suggested me to share my food journal with her. I started to learn some food will be healthier to my body while some I have to stay away. She also introduced yoga, relaxation and mindfulness techniques to me.

I had my follow up blood test with my family doctor in April this year. My cholesterol level went down from high to normal. My blood pressure is normal. My stomach acid reflux became infrequent. Since I have not started any prescription drugs as suggested by my family doctor, I do not have to take any at all.

Rome is not built in a day. To maintain our health and well being, we need a healthy diet and lifestyle, regular exercise, a deep sleep and advice from a professional medical practitioner. I am grateful Claire is there.


Coquitlam BC

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Julie. It is really a very encouraging case. It's not easy, but you did it!

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