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Peter Hess Sound Massage Training is coming in Vancouver Canada- Dec 02, 03 and Dec 09, 10, 2023

A self discovery journey with sounds

As a Peter Hess Sound Massage Practitioner,

I am aware of what I’m doing and act responsibly.”

To experience a deeper layer of perception of the body with the help of singing bowls, awaken the consciousness in an innovative and sensitive way. You will be in a status of the total relaxation during the process, breathing is back into flow and regain the life force.

Seminar L1 will introduce the background of PHI and focus on health strengthening. You will be able to follow the basic principles when applying Peter Hess Sound massage on yourself, your family members and friends.

The instructor is aiming to teach Peter Hess® sound massage as a holistic practice. Through various playful exercises, you will be amazed of the beauty of sounds. You will receive and give an introductory sound massage. You will learn the “basic sound massage”, the basic framework from Peter Hess Institute.

Seminar Level 2

From relaxation to reorganization

“ The sound and therefore the sound energy follow the attention. —-Peter Hess”

The goal of seminar L2 is to expand the possibilities of the basic sound massage. New sound elements will be introduced to let you experience the diversity of sounds.

Your sensitivity of energy connection, refinement of the perception, mindfulness recognition, and appreciation of the subject is important to us. The main aspect of this course is the "power of consciousness”. As a practitioner of Peter Hess® sound massage, you know the mental focus and inner attitude (inner images) underlies the action.

Through expansion of the settings, you will be familiar with the variety of sound elements. The space of the sound becomes more powerful. Zen bowl and Fen Gong will be introduced. You perceive yourself as an energetic system which organize its life independently, and you realize how strong the external influences effect on your life. By experiencing this very special form of sound massage, you strengthen your presence and expand your scope of action in contact with others and their environment.

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