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Experience the flow of energy is amazing!

More importantly, acupuncture is to wake up our own system to eliminate things which give us trouble, then regain our energy back!

“ PAIN” means meridian's Qi is blocked.  Cold weather, nervousness, improper use of our body, poor diet habit, lack of exercice, stress, ignorance to the signals sending out from our own body, etc. All of above can cause PAIN.

Let Dr. Kao help you unblocking the channel and bring body, mind, spirit together again.

We emphasize 2P’s communication! Patient and Practitioner

We work as a team and make energy flow more efficiently.

What should I expect during the first treatment?

During the initial consultation, a complete health history inquiring regarding patient’s symptoms and life style will be taken. Dr. Kao will carefully observe your tongue, face and body condition. Feel your pulse to assess the condition of meridian's Qi. All information will be analyzed with Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnoses method .


Once the diagnoses is established, treatment plan is decided and you will start experiencing the flow of energy. 

Selected points are cleaned with 70% alcohol cotton balls, then sterilized one time use only needles are inserted to help your energy flow/Qi.


In general, needles will be stayed twenty to thirty minutes. However, in some cases, they will be left for just a few minutes or up to an hour.


Sometimes an electrical current machine is applied to enhance your energy flow.  

After 20 to 30 minutes, needles are removed and acupuncture session is finished.

Continuing visit for the next few weeks or few months may be needed. It depends on your present condition, age, life style and your Qi's quality and quantity. Some people have immediate relief, others may take months to heal. Chronic conditions will take longer time to heal than acute ones, that's for sure.


Many people consider acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine as a preventative method to maintain their health. They enjoy coming to get tuned regularly. We are looking forward to seeing you joining us and enjoy your life.

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